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How We Work With Family, Vendors, & Photographers...

On one occasion, we were asked to show up a day before the wedding to rehearse the layout of the evening.

We showed up, set up, and were ready to start when we got the bad news... The mother of the bride, who was in charge of choreographing all the vendors couldn't show up for "practice".

At first it was a panic.

Friends volunteered to take her place.

Things were about to get really harry when I spoke up, "How about, when the last bottle of champagne is being poured and everyone has a drink, we will shift the music low and begin the toasts... When toasts are over, we can announce the cake cutting, lift the music, and photographers can take Que to get positioned". And so on and so on we planned...

Can you imagine how awesome the family felt about this initiative? Yup, you guessed it, they were glad we showed up!.... We ended up planning the entire evening with everyone and the next day, the bride's mother was able to relax and celebrate with everyone else...

That was the ah-ha moment that helped us to ease the weight and stress of wedding planning for couples in the future...

Things were smooth coasting from there. We made up evening plan templates which helped us work with the brides on how the overall evening should flow - then we would hand those to the clients to plan a "seamless" night.

The entire evening was super FUN, as you can imagine, and everything flowed nicely... Later on, the bride's father told us his wife was nervous we would miss something, but when things kept moving smoothly she calmed down for the first time in weeks and had really enjoyed the evening...

Isn't that awesome? The photographers were also able to capture the entire story of the reception... Which got me really excited to do the same for others.

It's not always simple to put so many details together by yourself, which is why we want to help in any way possible.

If you have questions about how we can help, or have special requests, shoot a letter or call us anytime! 307-296-7204

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