Planning A Magical Wedding...

Whether you're just starting to plan, or have only a few weeks left before your special day, you might be wondering how - or if - everything will fall into place nicely.

So here, I wanted to give you the secrets to how the fancy folks plan weddings in a fashion that works out really magical and amazing. My goal is to help your big day go much smoother than you might have planned, without adding to your list of things to do...

So, how do we do that? Well, we simply model the expensive wedding planners, and view the event as if it were a movie...Seamless!

Professional wedding planners usually assign roles to the people who are going to help you with the layout and creativity of your event. These people can be volunteers, family, friends, or paid contractors... Hopefully, if you wish to save a few bucks, you can ask for a bit of help and creativity from your support team. So here are the main roles behind a wedding event which are normally designated by a Wedding or Event Planner: Producer(s) Director Coordinator Master of Ceremonies

Producer's Role: This person, or people is/are responsible for the financial funding and administration of the event. This is YOU and anyone you enlist for family and friends. Just like in a movie production - The producer(s) deal with aspects of the stage, venue, film, photography, and audio production... So in the same way with your wedding, the producer(s) will exercise general supervision of the production in raising money, hiring artists, technicians, and the like...

Director: The director is the person responsible for integrating and carrying out what the producer has selected above... In a movie scene, they deal with the lighting, acting parts, staging, rehearsal, phases, etc... In the same way with your wedding, the director will help carry out the producer's vision by staging the venue, reviewing roles with the wedding party, confirming lighting needs for photographer's, get head counts to catering companies and vendors...

Coordinator: Who is going to make sure the table pieces are placed to your liking? Who is going to make sure your after party clothes are placed in the private bathroom for you? Who is going to double check your general wishes? The Coordinator will - if you ask them. This person is great for bringing together different elements of a wedding. They can work with the many vendors on timing activities during the event, prepare untisils for the cake cutting, prepare the boque to be given to you, and safe-guard the rings before the ceremony... They not only ensure small details are prepared for, but also tie together the over all theme of your wedding into the decorations, food, beverages, activities, and music.

Master of Ceremonies: This person directs the entertainment at the party - much like a game show or radio host, they make announcements, guide the activities, and introduce speakers & performers. Often times, the DJ or band is asked to help with MC'ing the event... In this case we are fully prepared to act as your professionally dressed and experienced MC.

Can you see how these roles can greatly help your wedding experience?

If you plan on accepting volunteer help of relatives or friends- try and make sure they can handle your expectations- this may require asking the help of people who have been to many weddings or have had one themselves recently... If they are volunteering, you can let them know upfront what you will reward them with for their help - often times, a suite for 2, or nice gift is acceptable and appreciated.

By assigning helper roles at your wedding day - you will feel less stress in the planning, as well as experience a really magical wedding, just like the movies!

We Are here for you

We understand many of you will only have the help one or two close people in your life. So to help out, we have decided to include an activities coordinator in our services at no cost to you... The activities coordinator makes sure everyone is ready for the upcoming activity or announcement before it's made. The activity coordinator and the MC will work together with walky-talkies to make sure the timing is just perfect at your wedding.

Still worried we're forgetting something? Give us a call anytime 307-296-7204 Ready to start planning now? Click Here

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